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Thousands of homes and many commercial clients are enjoying the benefits of a product that lasts indefinitely. From townhome to mansion, small store to large commercial complexes, clients enjoy Vista Window Film. Vista cuts 99.9% Ultra Violet, up to 79% of heat and 86% of glare, preserving interiors from harmful sun rays, and excessive glare & heat while providing substantial energy savings. All of this while achieving occupant comfort and pleasing aesthetics.

Sunlight is made up of 3 elements

Visible Light – The part which enables us to see
Infrared Light – The part which we feel as heat
Ultraviolet Light (UV) – We neither feel it nor see it, but it is the main factor in causing fabrics and upholstery to fade

All three elements of sunlight can contribute to fading, which is why effective film installations must harness all three. Ultraviolet absorbers are used to stop ultraviolet light within the film.

Professionally installed window film will block 99.9% of all ultraviolet rays (UV) with ultraviolet absorbers as an integral element of the film.

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